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I am an Air Force brat and have lived all over the world! I was always drawing as a kid but I did not become interested in Tattooing until I was about 17/18 years old. There were not a lot of doors opening up for me to learn how to Tattoo until I met Mike Trike.  When I started Tattooing in the late 1980's Tattooing was just beginning to emerge and become mainstream fashion. A lot of Professional Athletes and Rock Stars were sporting Tattoos. The MTV generation was catching on to Tattoos. Tattoos were becoming more fashionable and acceptable in society. Tattoos were beginning to shed the Biker gang, prison image.

My Style of Tattooing is Solid Bold Style. I can tattoo ANYTHING but bold lines are what I am known for. My Artwork has been featured all over the World. I have had the opportunity to show my paintings at Galleries in Los Angeles and New York City. I have been featured in numerous Magazine publications, Movies, Books, and have sold my Flash Art throughout the world.

I started to get tattooed by other artists and I picked up a few tips from each of them. They helped me fine tune my style and gave me inspiration to pursue and perfect my craft. Those artists included Eddy Deutsche, Guy Atchison, Fip Buchanan, and Bob Roberts. A few of My Hero's are Conan, Thor, Fip, Jack Rudy, Bob Roberts, Steve Bonge, and Indiana Jones....

My other hobbies include painting/sculpting Historical Miniatures, Warhammer Fantasy Games of which I was awarded a "Golden Demon" trophy for painting/sculpting. I am a member of the Beatnik Car Club since 1988. Also enjoy building model car kits and displaying them at Car Shows.  I am still learning something about tattooing every day, trying to stay inspired. I can learn something from everyone....Thanks to all my customers for their continued support!

My Best accomplishment to date is my FAMILY.
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